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G.D. ’40 Part Three

This is the final part of my G.D. ’40 sequence.  I hope it illustrates quite well my idea for ‘window games’ – ie, using a different game system (in this case, Advanced Squad Leader) to simulate the battle at a smaller scale.  This game will be continued if my plans for a future emagazine are realised.


Stonne 4Here below is the ASL translation of the action in Stonne at the same time.  The squad of my German character (who witnessed the French air attack on his unit in the woods – see Part One) is outlined in red at the top right corner.  His platoon has been ordered to take care of the last remaining French defensive positon – the Heavy Mg at top left.  Shouldn’t be a difficult task given their shattered morale state!

Stonne ASL map

And here is the position to the east in Stonne wood.  The French are beginning to receive quite a battering.

Stonne wood 2

With Stonne more or less in German hands now, the anti-tank guns have already been released from the reserve and should be in the village within an hour or so.  The coming French counter-attack with a strong tank force (my French character is the tank commander of one of them) is likely to be a stormy affair!

My next post, in June (I hope to make a new post every month now) will show my idea for a Solitaire ASL campaign game on the Eastern Front in WWII – ‘Roads to Stalingrad.’

My original idea for a ‘Great Wargame’ on WWI has taken a bit of a back seat due to a recently increased workload, but I intend to post up quite a comprehensive campaign AAR I did years ago using Ted Raicer’s  ‘Glory’s End’ wargame of the initial campaign on the Western Front.  To be timed for the 100th anniversary in August.