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G.D. ’40 Part Two



Map key


The two areas outlined above are where the initial action takes place.  I Battalion, Gross Deutschland are tasked with taking the village of Stonne, while II Battalion are to take possession of Stonne wood just to the east.  As the German infantry leave their start-lines at 0600 hours certain elements come under heavy air attack and are delayed.  Then there is a heavy bombardment of Stonne village.  The following maps outline the early developments of the attack.


Stonne 1Stonne 2Stonne 3

Stonne wood 1

In part three I will show how the attacks develop, and also I will show my ‘window’ adaptation of the position in Stonne village at the level of Advanced Squad Leader, in order to follow more closely the movements of my German character (who is in the 1st Company of I Battalion).