G.D. ’40 Part One

GD'40 cover


I am a huge fan of The Gamers’ Tactical Combat Series.  It was a wargaming revelation to me when I bought ‘Objective Schmidt’ back in the early 90’s.  A decade later, I made my first tentative efforts at making a graphic representation of a later game in the series, ‘GD ’40’.  I am posting up here some of those efforts, cleaned up with Photoshop.  The colour has not reproduced very faithfully, unfortunately, perhaps because it was originally done in watercolour – the greens have gone positively luminous!  This would be one of the stories to be continued  in a future emagazine, if it ever comes to pass.


French positions


Below are the op sheets for the French initial defence and the German plan of assault.


French op sheet


German op sheet 1


 German Op Sheet 2



German op sheet 3

I decided to follow one individual soldier from each army, with plans to tell their stories in more detail, using ASL as a ‘window’ game when necessary.  The first page here below features the present tense narrative of Axel Mauthner, private in 1st Company, I Battalion Gross Deutschland Regiment.  His unit received a nasty surprise on reaching the Start Line north of Stonne (which can be seen in I Battalion’s Op Sheet above):

GD'40 page 1

In my next post I will show the results of the bombardment on Stonne and the subsequent assault by the Gross Deutschland Regiment.


6 responses to “G.D. ’40 Part One”

  1. Kevin says :

    Damn genius. I will be reblogging all of these. Superb. Thanks for taking the time to express your narrative, imagination and skills so vividly and thoughtfully.

  2. jholen says :

    Awesome! I’m digging into TCS as well, currently got Matanikau setup, scenario 5.0 – posting a bit over on Kev’s blog The Big Board.

  3. itineranthobbyist says :

    Wow dude. Amazing stuff. I’m considering getting into TCS and this helps me understand how the ops sheets work.

    Look forward to more.

    Shared on Facebook and twitter and in my blog and will mention it on my YouTube channel.

  4. MrCoredump says :

    Very impressive!

  5. Peter Huska says :

    Great stuff! I love the comic book narrative. Nice ops sheets as well.

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